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Samples Preparation


Our Sample Cutters ensure that your test results meet your performance requirements through precision sample preparation.   These include punched or cut strips with exact lengths and widths, circular paper and board samples, ECT, CMT & CCT test samples.   Whether manual or pneumatic your sample preparation is quick, easy and reliable.


Circular Cutters "CD" series

To cut accurate samples of CORRUGATED BOARD for F.C.T. Compression Tests and Basis Weight determination.

Standard Features


  • Cut depth easily adjustable for different sample thickness
  • Blade remains totally covered by the security chassis
  • Three fix pins avoid displacement of the equipment during the cut operation
  • Sample cut up to 10 mm thickness

Circular Cutters "DISC series"

For cutting samples in circular shape of Paper, Corrugated Board*, Aluminum Foil, Films...

Standard Features


  • Rotating handle (pushing down and turning simultaneously) results in a perfect cut of the sample
  • The cut is made by 2 blades (razor blade type) which  are inside the equipment, and only appear on the bottom of the apparatus when pushing the handle down.
  • Replacement of blades is easily done on the side of the equipment.
  • The lowering movement of the blades is always blocked by the lateral pin of the equipment (2 hands needed for cutting). To unblock the blades, pull the little pin and rotate it a quarter.

Pneumatic Die Cutter Presses

Precision Die Cutter Press to cut rectangular, square or circular precision samples with high accuracy +/- 0.1mm in order to evaluate Tension, Basis Weight, CMT, RCT, CCT for Paper (Liner/Medium).

Standard Features


  • Cut rectangular, square, or circular precision samples
  • High accuracy  (+/- 0.1mm)
  • Rapid and precision

Manual Sample Cutting Presses "MP" series

Precision Strip Punches to cut RECTANGULAR, SQUARE or CIRCULAR precision samples with high accuracy, +/- 0,1mm, in order to evaluate Tensile, basis weight, SCT, CMT, RCT, CCT... for Paper (Liner / Medium) …


According to Standards: ISO 3035 - ISO 7263 - ISO 3037 - ISO 536 - ISO 1924-2 - TAPPI T822 - TAPPI T809 - TAPPI T494...

Standard Features


  • Cut rectangular precision samples
  • Rapidity and precision
  • Accuracy: +/- 0.05 mm
  • 15 x 300 mm MP-15 model
  • 12.7 x 152.4 mm MP-10 model
  • 25 x 300 mm MP-25 model

Precision Twin Blade Cutters "DBC"

Designed to Paper, Foils, Films… samples, quickly and with just one operation of a certain width and 260mm length. With a fixed blade and two movable cutter blades, made of special steel.


According to Standards: ISO 1924 – SCAN P38 – TAPPI...

Standard Features


  • Fixed blade
  • Wide selection of cutting width sizes
  • Equipment is provided with methacrylate security cover protection

ECT Sample Cutters "CN" series

The pneumatic cutters prepares accurate samples of corrugated board for ECT testing. The twin cut blades and the sampling-positioning device produce a clean and parallel cut sample.


According to Standards:

PAT Test: APPITA/AS 1301.430s, TAPPI T 821, FEFCO No. 11

ECT Test: APPITA/AS 1301.444s, ISO 3037, ISO 13821, DIN 53149, SCAN P33, TAPPI T 811, TAPPI T 823, TAPPI T 838, TAPPI T 839, FEFCO No. 8

Standard Features


  • Easy to use
  • Safe operation
  • Rugged design
  • Sample thickness up to 15 mm
  • With a sample ejection system after cut
  • Fixed width of cut (select one when ordering)

Laboratory Medium Fluter "Concora" type FT-07 model

This apparatus flutes the paper samples by means of two fluting rolls. Afterwards, the samples are tested in the crush tester for evaluation of the C.M.T. (Corrugating Medium Test) and C.C.T. (Corrugated Crush Test).


According to Standards: UNE 57.074 - ISO 7263 - TAPPI T 809 – DIN 53 143 – SCAN P27 – PAPTAC D29...

Standard Features


  • Adjustable pressure range 0-210 N
  • Standard equipment prepared for “A” Flute
  • High stability of temperature with PID controller
  • Precise controlled temperature
  • Programmable temperature with digital display: 177 ºC  ± 2 ºC

Universal Cutter

The cutter with the maximum characteristics and a great facility of operation. Manual cutter.

Standard Features


  • Transparent automatic protector of the blade in unbreakable Lexan® plastic
  • Measuring scale
  • Lateral tops
  • Narrow cut device
  • Pre-fixed format indicators on the base
  • Solid & robust metallic construction


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