DandruffMeter DA 20


Easy and quick method to analyze dandruff accurately


Analysing dandruff is an important subject in research of hair care products and their efficacy testing. With the DandruffMeter DA 20 a very economic and extremely convenient image analysis system is on hand.

  • The Measurement Principle

    The system consists of a device in which the collected dandruff is inserted. A circularly arranged LED light source illuminates the sample homogeneously on a dark background. The high resolution camera above the sample takes the image and the software detects all dandruff and categorizes it in 9 different size classes.

  • Advantages of the DandruffMeter®

    • Quick and easy handling of the device. Simple connection to the computer by USB.
    • Dandruff is evaluated by number & size (in pixel and mm²) for 9 different size categories which can be determined by the user.
    • The average of up to 4 images is automatically calculated.
    • Software conveniently allows evaluation of complete studies.
    • Easy calibration of the system.
  • Fields of Application

    There are a variety of applications in hair care and cosmetic research, as well as efficacy testing and claim support.

  • Technical Data

    Dimensions: approx. 13.5 x 13 x 15.3 cm (H x W x L), bevel: 10° on the front, 60° on the back, Opening: approx. 9.2 x 3.1 (W x H), Weight: 1.56 kg, Port: USB 2.0, Power supply: Input: 110-240 V, 50-60 Hz, Output: DC 12V/max. 4A, Light source: white LED light, arranged circularly, USB-Camera: 1/2" CMOS, Resolution: 1280 x 1024 Pixel = 1,3 MPixel, max. 25 images/second, Objective: M12 6 mm focal length, distance camera to sample: approx. 9 cm, Petri dish: Ø 8.5 cm, visible field Ø 7.5 cm


    Technical changes may be made without prior notice.


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