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Multi Probe Adapter


Create your own measurement device exactly according to your needs


The Multi Probe Adapter System is modular. It consists of a basic device and the probes. The user chooses a basic device meeting his requirements. The probes are digital and all calibration data are inside and therefore they can be connected to any of them. The different probes can also be used with stand-alone devices (Multi Display Device MDD) independently or as wireless probes which transmit the measurement values directly into software.

  • Advantages of the MPA System

    • Measurement system exactly suitable for your needs and can be enlarged as you go along.
    • The probes provide a high degree of flexibility and stability and can be easily serviced.
    • The MPA system is operated with an overall C+K software.
    • With a check calibration function the accuracy of the probes can be verified any time. The result can be saved and printed for your documentation.
    • The data from the ambient condition sensor RHT 100 are saved with the measurements.
    • All future C+K probes will be compatible with this system.
  • Which probes can be connected?

    Select a basic system and work with the following probes:


    • Reviscometer® RVM 600: Skin Ageing & Anisotrophy (under reconstruction)
    • Ambient condition sensor RHT 100: recording the ambient conditions (r.H and temperature) constantly during the measurement
  • Which basic systems are available?

    As the MPA systems do not have any display, they have to be operated with software.


    Multiprobe Adapter MPA 6: inbuilt Sebumeter® and possibility of connecting any probes (up to 5, but not Cutometer®) with external power supply, operation with the C+K "MPA software"













    Multiprobe Adapter MPA 10: inbuilt Sebumeter® and possibility of connecting any probes (up to 9, but not Cutometer®) with external power supply, operation with the C+K "MPA software".












    Cutometer® dual MPA 580: Measurement of the skin's viscoelasticity by suction created by a vacuum pump inside the device. The Cutometer® features a built-in Sebumeter® and the possibility to connect up to 4 additional C+K-probes. The device is delivered with one Cutometer® probe (2 mm standard Ø opening), accessories and software. A second additional Cutometer® probe can be connected. You can work with both probes simultaneously in the software Cutometer® dual.











    MPA 2: connect any two probes (but not Cutometer®), no additional power supply needed, just connect it to the PC via USB, operation with the C+K "MPA software"

  • Standalone Devices

    • the MDD device comes with one specific probe and the Ambient Condition Sensor
    • up to two additional probes can also be connected to the system
    • it features a large, illuminated colour display for showing results in figures and curves
    • operation with C+K "MPA software" only optional
    • available for most probes
  • Wireless Probes

    Almost all C+K probes are also available as wireless, battery operated probes, sending the measurement data via radio directly into a special MPA software. The small receiver unit RR 200 is connected to the computer via USB. The values can be transmitted from a distance of 5-10 m. The following probes are available as wireless:

    Corneometer® CM 825, Mexameter® MX 18, Tewameter® TM 300, Skin-Thermo-Meter® ST 500, Skin Glossymeter® GL 200, Skin-Colorimeter® CL 400, Skin-pH-Meter® pH 905

  • The MPA Software

    • An user friendly software operates all probes at once. Only the Cutometer® requires a software of its own.
    • Measuring values can be displayed as bars, curves or numerical data
    • Standard deviation and average values of the measurements are calculated
    • All data are saved in one database and  can be filtered by probe (e.g. all Mexameter® data), by person (all data of a certain volunteer), by date or time period and by a key (e.g. certain study or product) and of course as any combination of these factors (e.g. all data for Mexameter® and Corneometer® of one person for the study x). This makes it easy to collect data from different sessions of a study.
    • The data can be exported to spreadsheets (Microsoft Excel®) for further evaluation.
    • Check calibration can be performed and a report on the accuracy can be printed and filed.
    • Unique accessory - Ambient Condition Sensor RHT 100: As measurements on the living skin depend very much on the environmental conditions (especially temperature and relative humidity), scientists try to hold these parameters as constant as possible. C+K offers a special external sensor for ambient condition monitoring (temperature and r.h.). When working with the software the room condition measurement values are automatically transferred into the software and are saved with each measurement. This is indispensable for subsequent evaluation and comparison of reproducible measurement data.
    • Software available in many languages.
  • Make your own software for the MPA

    There is also the possibility of programming an individual software for the special devices MPA6P or MPA 10P according to your research needs. Those MPAs will give out plain figures and you can work a software around this. They have to be ordered especially for that purpose and do not run with the standard C+K MPA software.

  • Technical Data

    For the basic devices (without probes)


    MPA 6: Dimensions: 27 x 14.5 x 7.6 cm, Weight: 1.6 kg


    MPA 10: Dimensions: 39 x 22.5 x 7.6 cm, Weight: 3.1 kg


    MPA 580 dual: Dimensions: 39 x 22.5 x 7.6 cm, Weight: 3.9 kg


    Standalone Devices (MDD 4): Dimensions: 14 cm x 27.4 cm x 9 cm, Display: 9.6 x 5.7 cm,  Weight: 1.4 kg


    For the above units: Interface: USB, Power supply: external 100-240 VAC, 47-63 Hz, DC 12V/4A


    MPA 2: Dimensions: 7. x 7.7 x 6.5 cm, Weight: 300 g, Interface: USB, Power supply: directly via USB-port


    Ambient Condition Sensor RHT 100: Dimensions: 4.7 x 1,9 x 5 cm, Weight: 50 g, Accuracy: r.H. ± 2% , T ± 0.9°C


    Wireless probes: Power supply: battery (2 x AA-batteries alkaline), Dimensions: Lenght: approx. 20.2 cm (without measuring head), Ø approx. 41 mm, Weight: approx. 150 g, Measurement transmission: via radio (3.4 GHz), values can be transmitted from a distance of 5-10 m (transmissions between two different rooms can be disturbed), Measurement principles: please see respective probe


    Receiver unit for wireless probes: Dimensions: 4.7 x 1.9 x 5 cm, Weight: 50 g, Port and power supply: USB


    Operating conditions of all above instruments: T: 10-40° C r.H.: 30-70 % RH


    Computer: Windows® Vista or 7/8/10, performance must meet system requirements, USB 2.0


    Technical changes may be made without prior notice.


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