VisioFace® RD


High Resolution Standardized Full Face Photography for Treatment Documentation


The VisioFace® RD and its software have been developed together with our partners in France at Monaderm to take highest resolution full face photos under standardized conditions for the documentation of treatments and studies. It is focused on simple organisation of the photos and detailed comparisons.


  • Advantages of the VisioFace® RD Hardware

    • Stable, long lasting and extremely homogeneous illumination of the face by 210 white light LEDs, without developing heat and a high resolution reflex camera integrated (18 mega pixel) with a special objective allow to take detailed facial photos
    • Removable head and chin rest for the exact position for a frontal image and images taken sideways
  • Advantages of the VisioFace® RD Software

    • Conveniently designed software to enable you to work quickly.
    • Easy creating of studies with patients/volunteers and different times. Perfect organization of all photos for later comparisons.
    • Special software-tools allow exact repositioning of the face reproducibly: Overlays (ghost images) of previous images of the person and drawing of marks on interesting parts are possible. These can be saved as a separate layer and loaded onto the next image.
    • A color chart is photographed with each face to make photos comparable over time and ambient light conditions.
    • Easy saving of the images in a gallery for each volunteer in a study.
    • Zoom into several images at the same time to compare. Up to 10 images can be viewed in tile view, and more images in pile view.
    • Different print options (images by study, person, time or only the details of a study)

    Accordance with scientific criteria:


    • All changes of the data in a study are recorded in a "history".
    • The software works with a login. Different rights can be provided for administrators (creating of studies, deleting of images, etc.) and for users.
    • The software is protected by a USB protection key (dongle). No images can be taken if the VisioFace® RD is not connected.




    • Adapting the software to your CI by changing the logo and the color. With a few clicks the software gets a different face.
  • Technical Data

    Dimensions: 54 x 50 x 44 cm, Weight: approx. 11.4 kg (with accessories 13.8 kg) Illumination: 210 White light LEDs, Camera: Canon EOS 550D, 18 mega pixel, sensor CMOS, autofocus, images can be saved as jpg (recommended) or png, Objective: EF 20 mm/2.8, USM: focal length 20 mm, filter diameter 72 mm, focus by ultrasound, Power Supply: external 100-250 V, 47-63 Hz, DC 12V/4A, Port: USB


    Computer: Windows® Vista or 7/8/10 ,performance must meet system requirements, USB 2.0


    Technical changes may be made without prior notice.


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